Everyone has a story to tell 
Famous, and not so famous people speak honestly and candidly about their lives 

Aaron Russo
(Hollywood filmmaker and music promoter)

Christopher Hudson 
(Urban Missionary: My encounter with demonic possession) 

Angus Jones  
Part 1  (Hollywood Actor - Two and a Half Men star)  

Angus Jones  
Part 2  (Hollywood Actor - Two and a Half Men star)

Desmond Doss 
Medal of Honour recipient and Conscientious Objector 

Dr Ben Carson 
From a life of poverty into influence as a famous neurosurgeon and presidential award recipient who successfully separated Siasmese twins 

Angus T. Jones 
(Testimony at Adventist Media Centre)

Benjaman Kyle 
(The Invisible Man), findingbenjaman.com


Dwayne Lemon 
(Former professional R&B/Hip-Hop choreographer)


Yuri Bezmenov 
(Former KGB Agent)

Ivor Myers 
(Former BoogieMonsters Hip-Hop Star)

Dr. Walter Veith 
(From Evolutionist to Creationist: An incredible true story)

Peter Gregory 
(Street Dancer)

Christian Berdahl 

Roger Morneau  
part 1  (Satanist)

Roger Morneau  
part 2  (Satanist)

Margaret Davis 
(School Teacher, Missionary, Author)

David Asscherick 
(Famous skateboarder, Punk Rocker, Evangelist)

Louis Torres 
(Member of Bill Haley and the Comets)

Matt Parra 
(U.S. Marine)

David Fam  
part 1  (Director and founder of AEON, Medical Missionary)

David Fam  
part 2  (Director and founder of AEON, Medical Missionary)

David Fam  
part 3  (Director and founder of AEON, Medical Missionary)

Jason Russell  
(Invisible Children)

Scott and Thom Mayer, Brandon Mascarenas 
(From Hollywood to the Little Light)

Eric Wilson 
(World famous Kung-Fu Fighter, reveals the secret behind Martial Arts)